SEIU Illinois State Council 2015 Aldermanic Endorsements

Major Progressive Union Representing More than 150,000 Workers in Illinois Endorses Candidates who Champion Middle Class Economics 

CHICAGO- Leading the fight against income inequality, the SEIU Illinois State Council announced its endorsements for the 2015 City of Chicago Aldermanic Candidates.

“Each of these candidates has demonstrated they understand the needs of working families united in SEIU as well as the millions of people our members serve every day,” said Tom Balanoff, SEIU Illinois State Council President. “We look forward to continuing our work with these candidates to champion the need for middle class economics by restoring balance, reviving neighborhoods and building an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.”

“The clear choice for residents of Chicago in the upcoming February election is between a future in which we all have access to a quality standard of living, or one in which workers are increasingly stuck in low-wage jobs with a widening income inequality gap,” said Sherri Jordan, SEIU Local 1 Executive Board member. “That’s why SEIU is proud to endorse these progressive candidates so they can continue their fight to eradicate the economic and social inequality that currently thrives in our city.”

Representing more than 150,000 workers, the SEIU Illinois Council rallies behind candidates who have demonstrated strong voting records on issues important to working families such as raising the minimum wage.  The SEIU Illinois Council represents workers including security officers, janitors, home care and child care providers, as well as public employees, medical professionals, first responders and social service workers. SEIU members are winning better wages, health care, and more secure jobs, while ensuring that workers, not just corporations and CEOs, benefit from today’s economy.


The endorsed aldermanic candidates are as follows:

Ald Joe Moreno (1), Ald Pat Dowell (3), Ald Leslie Hairston (5), Ald Roderick Sawyer (6), Patrick Thompson (11), Ald Toni Foulkes (16), Ald Willie Cochran (20), Ald Howard Brookins (21), Ald Ricardo Munoz (22), Ald Michael Zalewski (23), Ald Walter Burnett (27), Ald Jason Ervin (28), Ald Scott Waguespack (32), Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35), Ald Nicholas Sposato (38), and Ald John Arena (45).

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